So, Ruska got a new home and I’m still pondering whether to buy a Supia girl or not… Anyway, that leaves me only one doll that isn’t waiting to leave, Sitruuna. I did a little photoshoot in a nice park quite nearby. I just love those yellow benches.  Too many passerbys and low batteries cut this one a bit short, though.


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Shadow game

I’ve been yet again drooling after Supia girls and cursing their size. Except this time around I’ve thought of getting an SD. Whoops.  And I don’t want to get rid of both my MNFs but the 20cm gap is ridiculous and they seem like very childish. Also, I’m scared the size will be too big and I won’t get used to it like happened with Kuiske. Maybe going to a meet and handling one a bit more would help, but still. Well, right now The prize is horrendous and nothing I can/will afford in this situation. And lo and behold, someone from Finnish forum is selling my favorite head and option to add body to it. Even the prize is reasonable, I could probably afford it if I managed to sell0 one of my girls. Oh, the dilemmas of life, why are you haunting me!

And with rant, some pictures. It was late, dark and I wanted to take pictures. Flash to the rescue, saturated pictures ohoy. I’m kind of impressed since with my old camera I couldn’t have even taken presentable pictures without numerous lamps and they would be yellow. I would have liked to post some of these side by side but I don’t think my template likes that very much and I really don’t want to play with it now. Maybe I’ll do it on forums.

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More face-upping

It’s been a while since last time. SItruunas old face up (and the lashes, they were horrible) were kind of old and not so pretty. SO time for a new one. I think I improved a bit, which is good. But then again, this face-up doesn’t really feel right, which is bad. I’ll have to keep trying, I think it just needs a bit more warmth (looks colder in person, the pictures are more yellow). Or something. This calls for experimenting! EDIT: Added some extra pictures.

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I’ve spent greater part of the day trying to get Ruska’s wig (Sitruuna got her poofy one back) as I want it. Lots of hot water, iron and hairdryer. Now it’s almost perfect. I’ll try to make it a bit more “headhugging” later. It’ s nice and snowy around here, but too cold for outside pictures.  Finally there’s enough light to do something! So pictures it is.


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Dotted dress

I had some time to be a bit crafty. This is just a prototype, I might even do some with different patterns for sale now that the exams are over and I have actual free time. I may update this post with a knitdress if it’s done soon enough.